Our Quality Labels Guarantee You The Very Best Experience

We are proud of what we have accomplished in 7 years of activity. We have provided excellent vacation experiences and top notch service to our past guests. 

Due to our proven business model, we have one of the best customer review scores in the industry with 4.60 out of 5 stars. 

Our quality certifications consolidate and reward the quality approach that has made 1Stays successful.

Our Quality Labels I 1Stays

Premier Host

1Stays delivers an exceptional travel experience through great reviews, competitive rates, and by accepting and honoring bookings.

Travel Proud

1Stays makes travel more inclusive for the LGBTQ + community. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional hospitality, and making sure everyone gets that warm welcome.

Travel Sustainable

1Stays is driving its commitment to sustainable travel. Through responsible travel, we can celebrate the natural environment and biodiversity.

Prefered Partner

1Stays benefits from greater visibility on Booking.com by being one of the most efficient partners by meeting all the following criteria: performance, review, and prices.

Preferred Plus

Preferred Plus is the premium tier of the Booking.com Preferred Partner Programme, available only to the top 10% of Preferred Partners.